About Us

The History Of Company

The company has started with work in 2010, once we managed to gather several professional real estate experts to launch our own company. Since 2010, our client database has been expanding and at the moment we have around 120,000 satisfied clients that rely on our service. Though the company never had an official headquarters, we have been very agile in the communication with our clients, being available 24/7. At first, we offered only help in rental services.

John Lemo, Our Founder

Our founder is John Lemo, an experienced property manager who has been into this business for more than 30 years, From the beginnings of this trend, he learned to listen to the customers as they always tell you what they need and want. Throughout the time, he managed to collect few of his colleagues that had worked for more popular companies and formed the serious team of real estate experts and property managers. Thanks to his expertise and a lot of acquaintances, we managed to dive into this business easily and got few our customers just in several days. John is a great teamwork player who is the strongest moral support in our company. Thanks to him and his will to succeed, we exist today and help other people!