Property Managers & Technology: How To Improve The Experience And Business?

While being a property manager requires a lot of work and organization, it is not a secret that some things could be improved by implementing the new technology and make life a bit easier for this role. It is estimated that the commercial and residential property of all world exceeds $225 billion.

Which is a higher amount than when you combine all stocks and shares in the world so with the technology improvements, it is natural to expect that the number will go even higher. But how we can use technology to improve the tenant’s experience and generally this job?

Cost saving and efficiency through solar systems

This is especially important for houses and big apartments that can utilize a lot of Sun’s energy. For example, the property manager could hire a company that is specialized in creating the solar panels that can be used instead of the traditional electric system to run all your appliances in home.

Property management

Still, this is possible only if your house/apartment has a good position so it could utilize the potential of solar energy. The solar energy system is a bit expensive to install, but it is worth every dollar and it will pay off quickly.

Know the tenant’s habits and experience

If you have a hall in your building that is under your control where people pass often, instead of having a bulb that is turned on all the time, you can place the sensor-movement bulb, save energy and therefore reduce the overall cost. But to know this, you need to keep track of the tenants and know their experience and wishes.

If they like to gather in the evening hanging around in front of the building, you could make a bench for them. Also, they come from work around 5PM, but they want to cool down their house/apartment before they arrive, you can install the smart devices and allow them WiFi control. It is all about knowing their habits and what they would like to achieve.

The use of 3D technology

Presenting a house or an apartment needs to be done carefully, as the potential buyer/tenant will want to see the inside. Thanks to technology advancement, you can use the 3D technology to show the house. A 3D interactive walkthrough is much better than having just a set of pictures, as the future tenant can experience “real time” and space of the apartment.


All you need is a good camera, a bit of time to learn how to take a 360 video and you can create a simple walkthrough in 3D. The clients will just adore to see it and they will tell other people and friends how your agency uses the latest technology perks to deliver the best experience.

The use of digital documents

Yes, the digital technology has made things a lot easier for us, so why shouldn’t you use the perks of it? Instead of printing the mass number of papers and taking them to your owner or a tenant, you can send it on email within just a few seconds. Any kind of agreement, lease or request can be signed electronically and therefore make the whole procedure more convenient. You will cut down the expenses to the minimum but also enjoy in much easier delivery of any kind of paper.