The Building Manager Responsibilities

You must have heard of a building managers but you do not know what and who they are? What are his duties? Well, we have prepared a brief description of this position so you could understand better this job position. While it is one of the most common jobs, it is highly likely that people can’t understand the duties of this job or they confuse it with something else.

The one thing that all know is that he can work for a company that specializes in property management or can work for a facility or a school, for example, hired by the private board of directors. So let’s explain building manager responsibilities that are crucial for this position in the real estate industry.

Ensure the safety

The primary role that a building manager must ensure is the safety for all visitors of a building that he takes care of. One of the main duties is to ensure that the entrance/exit for disabled persons is clear and allows them to enter/exit the building. The emergency exits must be ready, marked so everyone can see these and must be pervious, as there is no time to clean it when it comes to the emergency case.


The building manager ensures that all the signs within the building, including displays with map, hazardous signs or any other type of signs and signalization is placed at the appropriate place and they work efficiently. In case they are not, the must perform what is necessary to ensure they are clean, well-light and at the right place. Also, he monitors other workers/janitors and ensures that everything is cleaned well and therefore safe for visitors.

Maintain and repair everything

When it comes to commercial buildings, you can be sure that you have a lot of HVAC device for example. As the property manager, you need to check each device whether it works well.

In case some does not work, you need to perform a maintenance or repair procedure, or call an HVAC service if the problem is bigger so they can solve it.

Still, you must be there to monitor all the work. In case you work in the residential building, all the tenants will call you if there is need for a repair or maintenance. You are their savior and you need to help them whether on your own, or whether by calling a professional who is able to help them.

The landscaping and janitor’s duties

You also need to supervise all the janitorial staff that is at the property everyday, performing cleaning or other activities. Your job is to check their work and make sure they perform it well. Usually, the property’s owner arranges the team of housekeeping or ground keeping workers that are under the supervision of the property manager.


However, if the property does not have already the team of workers, the property manager needs to organize the team and supervise them. The organizing of team is done through the contracts and agreements that specify all the legal right and obligations.

One of the duties is also making sure that the fire system works properly. He can appoint a security staff director or it can work on his own, by checking everything on his own. Depending on his knowledge, skills and authority, he is able to recommend the changes in this system in order to make it better.